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With the all-in-one tool for selling online courses, mentoring and consulting. Make money by enlightening people worldwide.

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How you can benefit from PEG Learning

Your skill and knowledge is an asset. You can (and should) bring value to others. Simply decide how.

Sell online courses

Create courses that work 24/7 (not you) and reach millions worldwide.

Consult & Coach

Provide 1-on-1 personalized advice. At your pace and from anywhere.

Share material

Sell your notes, study guides, and other documents.

What about...

Let's answer common questions we get asked. Nothing should stop you from starting out.

PEG Learning isn’t just another platform to sell courses. It’s also a community where you can consult and mentor. We give you powerful communication tools to create groups and share information with your learners.

Anyone can teach and consult. You have skills and those skills are in demand — whether it’s showing tips you’ve learned or teaching pharmacology. So share your experience with others. The great thing is that publishing your courses is completely free. Another great thing is that our support team is always ready to help and navigate you if you get stuck.

When you create an online course, you make money every time someone buys your course.

It’s up to you. PEG Learning brings targeted people to the platform to grow your sales. But we also advise promoting your services to your existing audience to boost your results and earn more.

Get all the tools you need in one place

Whether you want to create impacting online courses or coach people worldwide, we put all the tools you need right by your hand. Stay focused on your business — we take care of the rest.

Seamless browsing is crucial for learners. For your learners, it’s super easy to scan and buy. For you, it’s super easy to make money.

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online courses

Put simply, if you’re among the first to show up on PEG Learning, you gain more attention, more trust and acquire learners cheaper and faster than your competitors.

Don’t hesitate to steal market share before heavy competition arrives. Convert “itching-to-learn” newcomers into paying customers while spending less (or nothing) on marketing and promotion.

Enlightenment is the future.

Your skill and knowledge is an asset. You can (and should) bring value to others. Simply decide how.
Streamline your online teaching, mentoring and consulting. PEG Learning becomes the only virtual place you need to build and scale your learning empire.

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