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Our community enables you to connect and share. We increase engagement and retention, and gather valuable feedback. We strive to allow members to learn from each other, increase your educational value, and reduce your workload.

connect with professionals

Join a community of professionals.

member profiles

Member profiles

Everything in a community website revolves around its members. Our community comes with fully editable profile fields that allow our members to share details about themselves.

Social groups

Our social learning platform allows learners to organize themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listing.

Group type

Every community is unique. Create public, private or hidden groups and set different rules and settings depending on the group type.

Group Organizers, Moderators

Organizers and moderators within a group can control who can administrate and edit the group, post activity, or invite users.

Group invites

Group members, organizers, and/or moderators can invite other users to their groups.

Group activity

Group members, organizers, and/or moderators can post photos, gyphys, emojis, and share ideas into the group activity feed.

Forum discussions

Group discussion forums allow members to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

group discussion forums

Group discussions

Each group can create its own discussion forum.

Posts, Media, Gyphys and Emojis

Members embed photos, gyphys, emojis along in their forum posts and replies.

Member connections

Our members can make connections with one another and focus on those they want to have more interaction.

member connections

Private Messaging

Learners and instructors can send private messages. Messages can be sent to one member or a group of members.

private messages

User invites

Members can send email invitations for non-members to join the PEG Learning network.

User notifications

Members are notified of relevant activity with a toolbar bubble and/or via email. Members can customize their notification settings.


Activity feeds

Global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, @mentions, and email notification support.

student learner activity feed

Global, personal, and group feeds

Turn your groups into a two-way “Wall” for a more interactive experience. Members can write on each other’s Walls and “Like” each other’s posts.

Multimedia posting

Members can upload photos and organize them into albums, from any device.


Members can @mention other registered users on the site. The mentioned user will receive a notification of the post.

Email notifications

Members receive email notifications about important activity on PEG Learning. Members can choose when and what to be notified about.

albums and media

Albums & Media

Members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and share them for other members to see and comment.


Search, book, and create site-wide events or group only events for members.

community events