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Group leaders can assign courses for organizations and schools so that team members can be managed collectively instead of individually, and it gives teachers and organization reps access to reporting for their students.

Get powerful, intuitive team management and reporting.

Manage users

PEG Learning teams gives group leaders exactly what they need to manage and report on their users – without having to access a confusing interface.

Send Messages

Group Leaders can add and invite users, send password reset emails, and even easily mass email all learners in the group.

View Reports

Teams provide reports that let group leaders view progress and quiz results by user, group, or course. Even drill down into the specific answers each user chose on quizzes!

Add Users

Group leaders can enroll users in their team by adding them directly, by uploading a .csv file, or by distributing enrollment keys so that users can self-register.

Grade Assignments

PEG Learning teams provide group leaders with a powerful interface for reviewing, grading and approving quiz essay questions and assignments.

Manage progress

And even lets group leaders manage learner progress and download learner certificates.

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