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Building better professionals

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We help instructors and learners engage before, during, and after class.

PEG Learning provides a powerful, yet simple and elegant user interface for instructors and learners, that is centered around educational content.

Virtual Classrooms

Groups and Discusions

PEG Learning provides a group functionality that allows you to mimic a classroom setting with integrated courses, discussion forums and reports.

Members can organize themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listings.

Discussion forums to allow members to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

private messages


Messaging tools

Intuitive messaging tools allow instructors and learners to send messages to one member or a group of members.

We Solve Educational Problems

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Social Learning

Online communities enable members to connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups.

Learner reports

Detailed progress reports and statistics are available for learners, team managers, and instructors.

Cost Effective

We provide a flexible,cost effective learning environment that supports members wherever they are in the world.


Master the skills of your profession: invasive skills and procedures. This path will prepare you to build upon your knowledge as a career professional.


Master the fundamentals of your profession. Build upon these basics and grow your knowledge to become an expert in your field.


Become compliant with required regulations needed for employment, certification, and license renewals.

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