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We understand the fears of making life or death decisions. PEG Learning is a supplemental learning platform designed to help you overcome those fears and serve with confidence.

Trusted by students and professionals.

Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

You've passed all of your courses and graduated. . . congrats!

But you still feel scared. Are you going to make a mistake? Will you have the support you need? Can you even find your first job?


We help students and professionals feel confident, and avoid fatal mistakes, here's how . . .

Courses covering vital skills taught by professionals

Courses and groups are created by professionals with experience in their field who have a passion for teaching. They hold your hand as they teach you the hard and soft skills required to succeed as a professional.

Courses topics include:

Paramedic Iv
Thinking Laptop

Practice professional skills in a safe environment

It’s common for new grads to feel lost or abandoned and, at the same time, be expected to manage their time and document and write their reports perfectly. With PEG Learning you will first learn the skills from a seasoned professional and then be able to practice over and over in a safe place until you become a master.

Support and guidance from passionate preceptors

Our educators have an average of 7.5 years precepting in their area of specialty . . . not because they have to but because they love it.


Overcome your fears and serve your patients with confidence

We understand the fears of making life or death decisions . . . heck . . . we’ve been right where you are! Knowledge is the best cure for fear. Learn with clear and concise lessons, taught by master educators, designed to boost your confidence.

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